Quartz countertop edges

We talked about quartz countertops in last essay, here we will descripe various quartz countertop edges, and how to select quartz top edges please see this chart of counter top edge collections,2cm or  3cm thickness countertops can do these edges: flat edge, 1/4inch bullnose, ogee edge,scolia, half bullnose, top bullnose, sharp edge, double dupont nose laminated edges are 2cm + 2cm, we stick another pad at the bottom to produce complex edges, usally are ogee, bullnose, eased,doublewaterfull, double ogee etc. the most popular edges [...]

Popular size for quartz countertops

Quartz countertops is becoming more and more popular for kitchen. how to make sure the size is suitable for your kitchen. if your kitchen is not standard size, you have to measure them to mm correct size, or contact craftsman to measure the sizes in your home. But most countertops are with standard sizes, home depot and lowes with large orders of standard size quartz countertops,  let’s see how much are the standard sizes 1. standard engineer quartz countertop: 108″x26″, 96″x26″, 61″x22.5″, 37″x22.5″ 2. [...]

How to install mosaic tile?

1.We suggest to adopt professional adhesives and joint filler,and parts our products adopt neutral adhesives. 2.Use special ash knife to sweep 2-3mm thickness adhesive after cleaning to pavement surface. 3.Use dentation trowel carve to score out waviness on the flat mushy adhesive. 4.Paving mosaic. Pay attention to align the joints between mosaics with the joints between the produce network adhibits. 5.Tenderly pat the surface of the mosaic and leveling treatment to make sure it is adhesive evenly. 6. About 20hours later when mosaics is [...]

FIFA Doha projects

We have win the bidding of tile project of FIFA 2022 in Doha.FIFA WORLD CUP STADIUMS Project budget: US$8-10 billionOverview: Construction and subsequent repurposing of sporting stadiums across the country in preparation for the 2022 football world cup. Features include:9 new state-of-the-art stadiums 7 city sites 3 renovated stadiums Zero-carbon emitting and climate controlled Regeneration / development of local facilities Total capacity of over 600,000 seats

Metro project of tile paving

We supplied to this project through XX contractor, as material vendor. main products are floor tiles, exterior wall cladding with granite tile. With professional knowledge on stone products, we produce premium quality products, offer good service.

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