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Who We Are

Qinyuan Stone is a factory professional at Stone tiles, Mosaics, bathroom tiles, kitchen backsplash,marble metal tables, counter tops, vanity tops, stone sinks, carved stone, fireplaces, stone crafts for home decor. A large range of stone products, diversified and professional, all are for residence, commercial construction, special type construction stones, project design, exterior and interior decorations.

Located in Quanzhou Fujian province, transportation is very close and convenient from the Xiamen port.

With our professional and honest work teams, we won customers from over 26 countries, and still are growing. With standard workshops and standarlized management, we are one of the top 100 companies in Fujian province.large scale processing, adopts the avanced stone machines from home and abroad. so that our product capacity is greatly increased, annual production around 18000M2, standard slabs and special shape stones around 50000M2.

We keep rough blocks of domestic granite and imported granite and marble throughout the year, various in style. also slab market of vast capacity. the reserve of material resources has fully guaranteed the quality and stable supply of the products, also the harmony of the domestic and international project at the same time. it has increased our competitive ability in the stone business.

We are happy to grow up with our clients, Qinyuan Stone is trying our best to create more value for clients, and offer suitable stones to make sure each project and home and garden are beautiful, special and eternal.

Qinyuan Group mainly produce: 1. walls and floor tiles 2. marble mosaics, waterjet mosaics, tiles, liners  3. countertops, vanity tops, stone sinks. 4. window sills, steps, marble trays 5. stone crafts, marble tray, natural stone decorative crafts

Qinyuan Stone: Best Mosaic Tiles Company

Qinyuan Stone is an established Company with many years of experience in the mosaic tile industry. Our company offers a wide variety of mosaic tiles for both residential and commercial sectors. Qinyuan is one of the leading mosaic tiles companies in China – in terms of bathroom tiles, mosaic tiles, kitchen backsplash, countertops, bathroom vanities, etc.

The vision of Qinyuan is to bring the mosaic tiles with vogue designs, styles, and trends to our versatile clientele across 26 countries. For this, we have a sophisticated design workshop that primarily focuses on the pioneering designs of new mosaic tiles. The purpose is to bring innovation and inspiration according to your specific needs as well as the trending styles in the world. So much so, we are highly dedicated to our Company’s vision.

Why choose our company products?

At Qinyuan Stone, our mission is to take the quality of our products to the whole next level. Therefore, all our company products are specifically manufactured according to the industry standards in order to provide better color consistency and long life.

You will be amazed to know that at Qinyuan Stone, we don’t compromise on the quality of products. It is because we have incorporated a strict quality system, which ensures the substantial inspection of raw materials, all links in the production, as well as the inspection and review of final products.

This is why we guarantee our mosaic tiles or mosaics to be delivered with premium quality. In addition, the sophisticated steps in the production process make sure all the products are produced with top-notch quality – and indeed, this is of particular significance to Qinyuan Stone.

When it comes to mosaic tiles, you won’t find any better company than Qinyuan Stone. There are many benefits of choosing our company products, especially – the mosaic tiles. We produce quality mosaic tiles and export them to different countries. Our company takes into consideration the factor of creative designing and mosaic manufacturing – that comes with dedications, innovations, and inspirations.

Qinyuan Stone has a high-quality and strict quality control system – this is the quality you expect and that’s the reason you can trust Qinyuan Stone. In addition, we provide OEM and/or ODM services and standards in the design and development of our mosaic products.

Likewise, we are among the most experienced companies in China – which means competitive and affordable prices guaranteed while based on top-quality first. We have integrated unsurpassed services, which include a team of professionals from the design, technical, manufacturing, review, inspection, and sales departments.

Mosaic lends luxury, elegance, sophistication, and beauty to every context – for instance, to your home spa, kitchen, and bathroom. Though it is rooted in the ancient traditions, in the tile forms, the mosaic is indeed a contemporary solution for covering your bathroom’s walls and floor.

Qinyuan Stone collections’ mosaic tiles come in a wide range of variants. Our company focuses on ceramic and porcelain stoneware, which isthe ideal material for your bathroom because ofanti-slip, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture, wear, and sanitizing chemicals.

Our Company’s bathroom mosaic products can cover entire floors and walls, or combined with other sizes of tiles, customize certain parts, and/or details of a room. Well, the latter is considered a fashionable trend – for instance, our mosaic products are great for framing the mirror above the sink. It can also cover your masonry bathtub and create a decorative band.

Qinyuan mosaic products are versatile in the kitchen and bathroom. The reason is that they easily interpret all styles of furnishing – i.e. minimal, rustic, modern, and classic. Our Company also offers numerous other ideas for bathroom decoration.

There are mosaic tile products with rectangular chips or with hexagonal chips arranged with herringbone design or perpendicular design. We also have irregular chips in different sizes and/or multiples shapes – they are best arranges for creating a 3-dimensional surface.

Moreover, with regards to the range of colors and finishes, Qinyuan produces high quality mosaic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms, which are either matt or glossy, mélange or solid color – as well as a combination of different shades in the same color – in particular to marble, stone, concrete or wood.