Quartz countertop edges

We talked about quartz countertops in last essay, here we will descripe various quartz countertop edges, and how to select quartz top edges

please see this chart of counter top edge collections,

2cm or  3cm thickness countertops can do these edges:

flat edge, 1/4inch bullnose, ogee edge,scolia, half bullnose, top bullnose, sharp edge, double dupont nose

laminated edges are 2cm + 2cm, we stick another pad at the bottom to produce complex edges,

usally are ogee, bullnose, eased,doublewaterfull, double ogee etc.

the most popular edges are: flat edge, ogee, bullnose, half bullnose, dopont edge

which edges are better ?

it is difficult to confirm which edges should be need in kitchenroom, usually, flat edge, bullnose edge are popular, because they are not only beautiful, but also cheap. ogee is also popular, due to is art design edge of countertops.

laminanted edges are popular for kitchen countertops, because it is beautiful if some edges large than the needed sizes.

Double dupont is also popular since there is small lines on the edge, so that water fall stopping line, but cost is high.

Wish you have beautiful countertop edges for your love kitchen top.



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