Why mosaic tiles are suitable for a bathroom?

The best thing about mosaic tiles is that they have great visual appeal and unmatched variety. We all know that mosaic tiles have non-porous attributes, which justifies their good useon the floors of the bathroom. In addition, mosaic tiles make a great choice for walls and floors in bathrooms.

The primary reason behind the suitability of mosaic tiles for bathrooms is the extensive range of styles and colors that our company offer, making them visually attractive. Today, thanks to cutting-edge technologies, it is now easy to find the color of your choice. So, this makes it possible for your bathroom to be covered with mosaic tiles and decorated in a customized way.

The variety of styles, colors, and finished available at Qinyuan stone is likewise a significant aesthetic benefit. Black, grey, green, white, and even red color mosaic tiles are available at our company. These are the most commonly used colors in bathroom tiles – in most parts of the world.

Another reason mosaic tiles are suitable for your bathroom is that they offer extensive personalization. You can choose an image and use it in the bathroom. So, with Qinyuan Stone mosaic tiles for bathrooms, you can customize or personalize your bathroom according to your needs and requirements. In this way, the personalization will help you make your bathroom the way you want it to be.

Moreover, adaptability is another factor why people choose mosaic tiles. These tiles can adapt to all kind of curves and shapes. This property of mosaic tiles allows error-free adaptation to the hollows and other critical areas, which are not easy to cover.

Mosaic tiles have natural and ecological elegance. For instance, the vitreous glass mosaic products by Qinyuan is made from glass and dye. This is one of the best ecological features of mosaic tiles because these are made from 100% glass, which can likewise be recycled. Thus, it provides environmental sustainability. Therefore, in the case of Qinyuan Stone, the raw material for the manufacturing of mosaic tiles is 100% recycled glass.

Since the mosaic tiles for your bathroom are made from 100% glass, the water absorption is almost zero. According to ISO 10545-3, the water absorption of mosaic tiles must be 0.1% or less. Otherwise, the tiles won’t be acceptable and/or according to the standard. Therefore, it is unbeatable as a great technical solution for coating damp or wet areas.

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