COVID-2019 Spreading all of the world

Since COVID-2019 is Spreading quickly, and infected more and more people, most cities are closed, and people stay home from work. roads are empty.

one family only one people is allowed to go out for daily commodities. most residence think stay at home lonely is unbearable, but it is really the best way to escape.

Coronavirus is really terrible, New York has become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the US. By Monday morning, the state had reported nearly 6% of the global COVID-19 cases. Part of the reason for the high number is because New York is testing more people than any other state.

Many New Yorkers were wearing masks outside, despite the CDC’s recommendation against the general public wearing them. Healthcare workers, who need masks and other medical equipment to protect themselves, are facing a shortage of supplies.

Empty tunnels

holland tunnel coronavirus driving roads

Empty roads

coronavirus driving roads

Notes from Hilton informed patrons of the measures the company was taking to keep the hotel clean during the pandemic. The pool was closed, and they said they took “extra precautions” to sanitize the rooms. Breakfast was also a to-go option instead of a buffet.


Ghost city

coronavirus driving roads rest stop

Anyway, let realize its serious hurt, and keep ourself safe.

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