How to install mosaic tile?

1.We suggest to adopt professional adhesives and joint filler,and parts our products adopt neutral adhesives.

2.Use special ash knife to sweep 2-3mm thickness adhesive after cleaning to pavement surface.

3.Use dentation trowel carve to score out waviness on the flat mushy adhesive.

4.Paving mosaic. Pay attention to align the joints between mosaics with the joints between the produce network adhibits.

5.Tenderly pat the surface of the mosaic and leveling treatment to make sure it is adhesive evenly.

6. About 20hours later when mosaics is totally adhesive, use the special sponge knife to fill the joint fillers in the gaps

(Soft tool to prevent damaging product surface)

7. After 30 minutes, when the joint fillers is semi-dry, sue wet high density sponge to fill into about 1-2mm, which can better show the highlight effect of the product.

8. use dry towel to clean and finish the construction finally

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