How to Judge mosaic tile is perfect for your space ?

2. Consider textured or smooth tiles

The tiles come in a variety of materials, from super smooth marbles to more textured natural rocks or ceramic tiles. Using engraved tiles can also produce a dimensional look in the bathroom that gives a very tactile feel.

3. Mix and match favorite mosaic tiles
There are no mistakes or successes in personal designs. By mixing and combining chips, you can include the most personal choices without fear of attaching a feature that will quickly fall out of fashion.
By choosing a maximum of three tile options, whether in color, style or size, you can add variety and longevity to the design of your bathroom. These cards can be of different colors, or of the same color with different shapes and sizes, or both.

4. Understand how to create an environment with mosaic tiles

When choosing vitreous mosaics for a bathroom, you must be clear about the environment you want to have in the bathroom.
The choice of mosaics for the bathroom will have an impact on the environment you wish to create since materials such as glass and ceramics tend to have a more contemporary appeal, while marble is classic and can be used in formal designs.
Now that you are ready to move forward with a mosaic, take a look at the wide range of other types of tiles offered by Qinyuan Stone. Discuss your specific and aesthetic needs with one of our professionals to help you find a bathroom mosaic or tile that suits you perfectly.

5. Choose small mosaic tiles when there is a curved element
Working with mosaic tiles is complicated. Therefore, you should choose smaller tiles to get an elegant touch and also present a work of art at the same time.
“With vitreous mosaics, you can create interesting patterns or an image, which allows you to be the focal point of the room. With a little creativity, trial and error, you can create a timeless masterpiece in the design of our bathroom.”
At Qinyuan Stone, we offer you a wide range of options when choosing mosaics for your bathroom. We have beautiful tiles with flashes of lux and combinations of tones. This collection is a real luxury in mosaic, the blast of light and brightness captures people’s attention.
They are attracted by its luminosity of bright colors that make the lux collection fill spaces of light and achieve visual effects, offering the possibility of creating cheerful spaces in all styles.

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