Marble tile for floor, suitable for not ?

People argue about whether it is suitable for marble to install on shower floors, since marble texture is really appealing and impressive, but maybe slip on the foot whenever soap and water mixed on the polished surface. the answer is yes, they will dangerous slick when top lay rub off, also it will stain and chip easily when top layer rub off.  but not all the marbles will rob off top layer easily, this is not the reason to refuse beautiful marble. when need marble tiles for shower floor, you can go to a store, and communicate with them to check what kinds of marble are suitable for bathroom tile flooring.

marble easy broken ?  for flooring marble tile, thickness is usually up to 1.8cm, marble can sustain comprehensive loads of many tons per square inch, so, under the body weight, it certainly will not break, the stated breaking point is 0-250lbs, especially for small pieces in marble mosaic, they combined together with mortar, strong enough to stand up, so, there is no strength to speak of marble would broken in shower flooring.

Water absorption of marble is small number, especial the surface will put on water-proof layer, anti-water sealer, it is common and needed in marble production. basically , marble is little water absorption, and non-porous relatively. However, marble is carbonate chemical, your shower water acids will react with marble tile surface, with time going on, the color may discolor and dis-attractive.

Marble scratches easily and wears down quickly in most non-barefoot environments ?  from Qinyuan Stone ( vendor view, it is better to use marble from Italy and Green original, we fabricate lots Italy marble tile, marble mosaics for shower floor, they are stable in mineral content, with high hardness, and strong enough to keep their beautiful surface.




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